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Connect. Build community.

ToolzDO is a social platform for connecting neighbors to each other and to their local community to strengthen community life. It is a fully hosted web service that is rich in community building tools that provide a myriad of opportunities for neighbors to connect and stay connected; see and get to know neighbors or small local businesses or non-profits near you; see who's also doing what you’re doing or has done it; rent your stuff out to earn; borrow, swap, barter, or get free stuff to save; discuss, share, ask, and inspire. The list goes on and on and on.

What neighbors love about ToolzDO.

ToolzDO has unlimited usefulness, not only to neighbors who are individuals, but to small businesses and non-profit neighbors, as well. We describe it as a "Swiss Army™ knife for building community."

We also understand that a healthy local community needs more than "talk" and "civic action" to flourish. So we provide practical tools to help neighbors help each other grow economically, simplify life, go green, and live more neighborly. Whether you are an individual, small business owner or a non-profit, ToolzDO has something for you because we are all neighbors. Here are some ideas:

Individual neighbors

  • See neighbors near to you or in your own backyard. Get to know them and what they care about; open lines of communication.
  • Discover small local businesses and charitable organizations in your backyard. Get to know them and what they do.
  • Never forget a neighbor's name or story again! Add newly met neighbors to your Real Connections list with a note. It's like a contact book for neighbors.
  • Doing some gardening? You're probably not the only one. See who else is doing the same thing as you or has done it; get tips or maybe a helping hand. Need a tool to complete your project? Search for it. A neighbor may have it sitting around for you to use or you might find one from your local rental store neighbor. Not sure what you need, search for your project and see everything applicable to your project.
  • Go green and simplify life the easy, lazy way and with the greatest impact - reduce, reuse, recycle as a community. Share resources to save and to reduce the impact of manufacturing and waste going to our landfills.
    • Turn anything that you own into recurring cash by renting them out.
    • Save a lot by renting the stuff you need for occasional use.
    • Save even more by swapping or bartering what you don't want for what you want or just sharing unused items.
    • Join the movement. Save Big by giving away what you don't want and getting what you need for FREE.
    • No risk of fraud because it is all local and face-to-face.
  • Disseminate crime watch information quickly and effectively. Inform neighbors of any criminal activities in the neighborhood or city. Start collaborating online swiftly and deploy prevention actions efficiently. Feel empowered and safer.
  • Discuss community issues, collaborate on actions, or inspire to save, go green, give, anything that's dear to your heart.
  • Share your knowledge, newsworthy stories, deals and discounts, anything that improves each other's lives. Find useful information.
  • Be in the know about your community anytime without having to be online all the time. Check out what your community is talking about and have a voice. Or subscribe to your community forum and have discussions delivered to you.
  • Organize a swap party, block party or fundraiser.
  • Share and promote your events to your community and beyond to help build even more awareness.
  • Discuss local government issues or decisions and drive change that works best for the community as a whole.
  • Leave a review or endorsement on your small business neighbor's wall.
  • Ask questions and get answers from Local Business Experts who may actually be neighbors.
  • Build awareness for the causes dear to your heart. Add all the causes you support in your profile.
  • Tell your story to inspire others and get inspired.
  • Going out of town? Still be in the know and still have a voice by checking into your community from anywhere you may be around the world.
  • Just moved in or planning to move to a new neighborhood? See and meet neighbors and connect. Ask questions. Learn what's happening. Get involved.
  • Ever wondered what people in Switzerland are doing right now? Venture to other parts of the world and see your neighbors. You'll find that they are not so far away and not so different after all.

Small business owner neighbors

  • Promote your business for FREE and in the most effective way - by building relationships and trust (not with annoying ads). Tell your neighbors all about your business in your profile. Answer questions through discussions and by playing a direct and active role in your community.
  • Reduce cash outflow by bartering your services with other local professionals.
  • Start a new revenue stream by renting out your idled equipment or boost revenue if you are already a rental professional.

Non-profit neighbors

  • Build awareness for your causes. Create a profile for your non-profit.
  • Let your community know of your wish list by adding them as Wanted Ads.
  • Build awareness for your fundraiser. Just update your project status and/or hop to the Forum and start talking all about it.

Discover more great ways to use on our Blog. Not yet a ToolzDO user? Get started now.