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    • Category Be Neighborly
    • Category description Are you a recipient of a neighborly act (an act of kindness) or know of someone who received an act of kindness that moved you (i.e. received cookies from neighbor, cut the grass when neighbor was sick, etc.)? Or perhaps you have a personal story about connecting or reconnecting with your neighbors or neighborhood you would like to share? If so, tell it here. After all, kindness is contagious. It may inspire others and one by one change neighborhoods around the world.
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    • Category Business Ops
    • Category description There are many great business opportunities out there that neighbors have been very successful in. Let's share them here.

      Etoolbay, Inc does not endorse any other opportunities offered on this site.
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    • Category Education Chats
    • Category description Talk about Pre-K, primary, secondary school, home school.
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    • Category Freebies & Deals
    • Category description Who does not love FREE or great deals or coupons! Show the love. Share "freebies" coupons and great deals you come across right here and let's help each other save some moola!

      Your neighbors next door, in your own backyard and beyond will love you right back!

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      P.S. Did you know you can swap your unwanted coupons for coupons you want or just give them away. Just post a swap item of a free item.
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    • Category General
    • Category description This is where you can talk-up about anything. If you cannot find an appropriate category, enter your discussion here. From the topics here, new categories are spun off into a life of their own.
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    • Category Giveaways & Sweepstakes
    • Category description You have to register before you can post.
      Do you have giveaways or sweepstakes? Post them all here.

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    • Category Going Green is Good for the Pocketbook
    • Category description Can going green help you save money? You bet ya. Let's discuss the ways and help each other save money and the environment.
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    • Category Haiti Survivor Messages
    • Category description If you are on the grounds in Haiti and have information about someone and their family, post it here. Messages from Haiti survivors with U.S. contact information (phone, etc.) will be directly delivered to relatives in the US or other countries. Click on Categories then on HAITI SURVIVOR MESSAGES to see the posts and submit new posts.

      ONLY submit found earthquake survivors who have a message and contact information of relatives outside of Haiti. Otherwise submit to the following databases:

      I'm Carline Lubin, Founder of, a community resource for connecting neighbors and building community. We are committed to helping our neighbors in Haiti and neighbors in the U.S. who have loved ones in Haiti. Having gone through the turmoil of not having status of my loved ones in Haiti after the earthquake, I understand the anxiety of waiting to hear about the welfare of family and friends.

      I have created this special category to add found victims of the earthquake in Haiti with relatives abroad. We will contact relatives if contact information is provided. This is an extra step to help bring the news faster and give much needed peace and more hope to both victims and relatives. Please share with everyone impacted by this earthquake.

      Please use the following format for the Discussion topic:
      HAITI FOUND: Names, age, city
      Include additional information in the body/Comment section.

      Create an account to post and receive updates via email

      To add pictures or videos: Just paste a url link where the picture resides (i.e. flickr, etc.) or video (i.e. youtube) in the discussion.

      If you are in Haiti with working Internet and would like to help, get more details here:

      Email with any questions.

      PLEASE NOTE: We have no means of verifying the information or comments posted by submitters. We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate information made available on this Forum. The information given in this Forum is not confidential and can be viewed by everyone. We cannot accept responsibility for any consequences for an individual arising from posting in this Forum.
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    • Category Home Improvement
    • Category description Get your tools. Ready. Set. Let's get those projects done! Oops, don't know where to start? Start here and get advise from doers next door!
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    • Category Independent Rental Stores
    • Category description Talk up about what's happening, ins and outs of being an independent rental store owner.
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    • Category Let's Talk Biz
    • Category description Homebase biz, small biz, all biz. Let's share and grow together.
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    • Category Make P2P Rental Work
    • Category description Although renting is not new at all, Peer to Peer or Person to Person rental is a new way of accessing what we need. Together we can make it work in communities around the world. Share your creative ideas, raise issues and provide solutions.
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    • Category Neighborhoods
    • Category description STOP REINVENTING. Let's leverage from our experiences to solve neighborhood issues faster and better. Ask questions, share what works or does not work.
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    • Category Neighbors in Action
    • Category description Have you and neighbors joined together and took action to address an issue in your neighborhood and successfully done so? Share your story here so that other neighbors around the world might learn and be inspired by your experience and success.
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    • Category Parenting Corner
    • Category description Parenting is not for the faint of heart! Let's talk about what works, does not work, local issues impacting children and help each other succeed in the most important job in the world.
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    • Category Pay off Debts
    • Category description Get your life back. Share ideas on becoming debt free. Share your successes. Get inspired and encouraged if your are struggling.
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    • Category Pet Corner
    • Category description Share all things pet.
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    • Category Real Estate
    • Category description Ask questions, answer question, share news & your expertise about Real Estate.
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    • Category Save and Grow
    • Category description Frugal, thrifty, cheap, what ever you call is all good. Let's all share and help each other save and grow.
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    • Category ToolzDoers Community
    • Category description Ask a question, share ideas, come together, discuss everything ToolzDo and help each other get the most out of The Toolzdo team is also here to help you.
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    • Category ToolzDO Stories
    • Category description How has ToolzDO been useful to you, your neighbor, your neighborhood, your community and beyond? If you have your own ToolzDO story, we'd love to hear it. It encourages others share or join and gives the ToolzDO team a moral boost so they keep making the great sacrifices of keeping the site running.
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    • Category Voices of Neighbors
    • Category description Most of us leave on assumptions or pre-conceived ideas about others that may be false and causing much hurt in our communities. Ignorance is one cause of much discrimination and injustice in the world.

      Let's enlighten each other and crush these misconceptions by sharing who you are and who you are not. Knowledge and mutual respect could very well make this world a better place.
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    • Category WAHMs
    • Category description Work At Home Moms. Share tips or opportunities, ask questions, help each other be successful.
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    • Category Wise Spending
    • Category description Spend on things that matter. A study by San Francisco State University showed that buying experiences, not possessions, leads to greater happiness. Any ideas or knew this all along and been doing that? Help the rest of us and share them here. Have no idea but want to start? Well you're in the right place. Ask away.
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