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    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    If you don't have a storefront, you have no need to be concerned about foot traffic. But, if you do have a storefront, you should be very concerned about it. Question: How do you increase foot traffic at a storefront venue without spending serious money? One possible solution is the implementation of a crowd-sourcing plan. This is where you set up a game mechanics system that has the public doing your marketing for you. Where can you find such a plan? Well, there are numerous third-party resources on Twitter for it, among other online resources. But, my favorite resource is actually rewards the public for showing up at a venue - like a restaurant, for example. It does this first by rewarding the public with badges that show up on their individual Foursquare page. Then, it rewards the public for numerous repeat appearances at the same venue with a distinctive title - the title of "Mayor." This is a very clever marketing approach because the REAL IDEA is not so much to become a Mayor as it is to be removed, which indicates the venue is popular. Question: What's so great about being a popular venue? Answer: Revnue growth. The larger the crowd the larger the sales, generally speaking. But, here with Foursquare you can actually DESIGN for more foot traffic - not just HOPE that the folks show up. Instead, you have free tools to entice the public to not only show up, but spread your message to others.

    If you have yet to see what being on Foursquare can mean to storefront business, I encourage you to visit online If you want to experience a Foursquare venue, take your smartphone to the Cheesestake Experience in the Festival Flea Market Mall and "checkin."

    Lamar Morgan