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  1. Want to get involved and help create a warm and trusting place on ToolzDO? Join the Welcome Wagon group. I am looking for volunteers to be part of the “Welcome Wagon” group. What you basically do is to write a warm and personal welcome message on new members’ wall. That's it. This is also a great way to network, get more exposure to your profile, business, offers, discussions, etc.

    If you are interested in welcoming new members as they join the community:
    1) Leave a comment of your interest below.
    2) Every day, I will send a list of new members containing a link to their ToolzDO profile and city.
    3) Leave a warm and personal welcome message on their Wall. Focus first on welcoming new members from your city then other cities. Multiple welcomes are fine but let's not over do it. Keep it to 4 max.

    Thanks in advance for your help in keeping this community fun, active and growing .

    No selling or talking about your products or services. It is to strictly be a warm welcome message to the ToolzDO community. Read their profile, visit their website. It can be short if that's all the time you have but try to show interest in the member if you can. Examples, “ Welcome to ToolzDO. Glad to have you here!…I’m so glad you joined!...ToolzDO is a great community and a great place to meet neighbors...etc” and so on. Comment about their interests or business.

    You MUST have a non-commercial or non-business profile photo and public name. People prefer to connect, have a conversation and build relationships with other people and not an entity.

    PS. Try to Welcome within 36 hrs. Thank you in advance.