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  1. With owning a home comes the responsibility of regular maintenance and upgrading when necessary.  When people think about home maintenance and all that it entails, all they probably see is their savings accounts getting smaller and smaller.  It is true that home maintenance can be costly, especially if it is put off, but if kept up, there are several ways to maintain a home on a tight budget.  Here are some suggestions for upgrading and maintaining a home without spending a lot of money.

    DIY home décor

    When the seasons change, new décor styles and trends come into play, and if homeowners are not careful, they could end up spending hundreds of dollars on décor that is not going to stay in style for long.  Save yourself that money and modernize your home décor by modernizing old décor with a fresh coat of paint or other additions.  Shop thrift stores, clearance aisles and scratch and dent sections for décor that is much cheaper than the latest and greatest décor, then make necessary additions to upgrade that décor.  For example, modernize old candle sticks by gluing tea plates to top of them and painting them, turning them in to updated candle holders, picture frames or unique accessories.

    Regular home maintenance

    Keeping a home clean is part of home maintenance, but that does not mean simply picking up the kids’ toys and vacuuming once a week.  According to How Does She, you can save hundreds of dollars every year by cleaning the unseen areas such as refrigerator coils and furnace filters.  This type of cleaning should take place every six months, and not only will it save you money, it will also keep you and your family healthy.  Frequently check the seals on the windows and doors to make sure no air is escaping or entering the home to save money on your utility bills, and once or twice a year give the exterior of your home a good bath by washing the siding and windows, and checking the roof for leaks.

    Tricks of the trade

    It is smart to keep certain home maintenance items on hand such as leather repair kits for furniture and paint roller bottles for quick cover ups.  There are also natural remedies such as lemon juice that can remove stains in the furniture or carpet.  These items are inexpensive, and can save you a lot of money in repairs along the way, so keep them stocked.  A home goes through a lot of wear and tear, and the more little problems go ignored, the more likely costly renovations will need to be made in the future.  So save yourself valuable time and money by caring for your home like you care for your home, your family, your car and everything of value to you.

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