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    The community is the heart of ToolzDO provides multiple ways for neighbors to connect and actually interact with one another. Those include The Forum, Hello Wall, Item Wall, and Project Status. These tools are provided to promote and encourage open, honest, and respectful communication among Registered Members.

    Please remember that these are public spaces, so use common sense when sharing personal information. ToolzDO’s role is to foster and encourage open, honest, constructive and respectful communication among registered members. All members are encourage to read our Membership Agreement as many of the community rules are covered there:

    *The Golden Rule applies through out the site and especially here. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    * ToolzDO is truly local and simultaneously global due to our web reach and the diversity of members of the real neighborhoods we serve. Personal offences based on age, sex, race, location, cultural background or any other criteria will not be tolerated. Cultures, opinions and traditions differ, and ToolzDO is a place for their cooperation, not clashes.

    * Political flames. See previous point - ToolzDO participants have different backgrounds and political views. Flaming each other based on these helps no one and will be intervened by eToolBay staff.

    * Posts created solely to solicit for monetary donations are not permitted anywhere on the site. For goods or services as donation, post a Wanted or Swap item.

    * Remember this is a family friendly site. So do not do anything that your grandparents would not do (now a days it is safer to go back a generation for the standard of decency).

    Reporting is similar to your real neighborhood watch. It's your way to alert us of potential problems. Use the "Flag this..." for member and listing page and the "Report" in the Forum. This is a confidential process. The member whose listing is reported will not know who reported it. Additionally, our investigation will be handled privately; you will not receive a personal response to your flagging message.

    * Repeated offenses or abuse of the flagging system by means of raising repeated, unjustified flags may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account.

    The Forum is where neighbors come to keep each other informed, help one another; organize and take action to better their community. Posting to the Forum is fairly simple. The Forum is broken into Categories which are like Communities/groups – CITY, HOA, COMMUNITY and TOPICS. First there are global rules applicable to all Forum use.

    * 3 strikes your post is out. Any content reported three times by the community is automatically removed from the Forum.

    * Discussing a specific member, goods and services offered or wanted item (either by name or with identifiable hints) in a negative way is not allowed. The one exception to this rule is a City Wide Alert about confirmed criminal behavior by a member.

    * Do not use the community spaces to facilitate or arrange any sort of auction or transaction.

    * Specific transactions and/or feedback should not be discussed in the Forum. Instead, contact privately if you need help with a transaction.

    * Do not publicly post any kind of private information (for example: email, Conversations, letters, phone numbers, addresses, full names or business transactions).

    * Members represent that any charitable fundraising complies with all applicable laws.

    * A member who promotes that they’re engaged in charitable fundraising on behalf of a recognized tax-deductible charitable organization (for example: 501(c)(3) status or equivalent with the IRS, similar legally-recognized non-U.S. charitable organization) must receive appropriate consent from the charitable organization.

    * Keep your posts on-topic and in the appropriate section of the Forums. Forum threads in the wrong section will be moved without notice to the appropriate place.

    *You may put a business signature at the end of your Forum posts.

    The City Forum is restricted to Community related information that applies to the entire community or neighborhood. This means all posts MUST benefit the entire community or neighborhood and with NO STRINGS ATTACHED (money, business, or any other creative ideas.

    Examples are: neighborhood crime incidents or trends, information sharing and request, lost pets or lost valuables, idea for community improvement, organizing a block party or swap party, organizing around neighborhood issues, community group or city events, non-profit events, community news, local breaking news, city government meetings, road closures, community announcements, local jobs, question about school happenings or city policies, community group meetings, garage sales, community health fair, PTA meeting and more that is helpful to the community.

    Every member belongs and is subscribed to their City category by default so they can stay informed. You can unsubscribe and re-subscribe anytime in the category page (i.e. if your city is Tamarac, go to Tamarac FL category and click on unsubscribe in left side bar).

    * Replies to City posts MUST add to or refine the conversation for the benefit of the community. If the post is a question, just answer the question in your reply. If you have a general comment to a post or just want to say “thank you”, leave a note on the member’s Wall instead as every comment will also be sent out to the community (click on the photo or name to get to member’s profile and scroll down to get to the member’s Wall).

    * You cannot promote your business in the City Categories. Use Topics categories like "Let’s talk biz", Business Ops, etc.

    * No business opportunities or networking events allowed. Post those in TOPIC categories like "Let’s Talk Biz" or "Business Ops" or other related categories.

    * You may announce (ONCE) to the community an event associated with the launch of a new business.

    * You may announce your business involvement in a charitable fundraising on behalf of a recognized tax-deductible charitable organization (for example: 501(c)(3) status or equivalent with the IRS, similar legally-recognized non-U.S. charitable organization).

    Only post what is pertinent or applicable to that group or community and only if you belong to that group.

    These categories are there for you to have conversations about the topic stated. Stay on topic.

    Member walls are provided to help neighbors carry a conversation. At first, when you do not know each other that well, it’s like the front porch or lawn. Stop by and say hello to those nearest you, offer tips to others for projects you’ve worked on before, ask a question. Then it changes to the kitchen table for a cup of coffee/tea when you get to know your neighbor better. Discuss interests, share resources, ask more questions, etc. Be friends.

    * You cannot promote your business on Member's Wall. Use Topics categories like "Let’s talk biz", Business Ops, etc. in the Forum.

    * Reported abuse or violations of the Member Agreement will result in suspension and possibly the closing of your account.

    Every post has its own Wall to facilitate conversation about the post before placing a request. It is open and transparent to increase efficiency and invalid requests. This way every question and answer becomes part of the listing for even more details about the post, eliminate redundant questions and produces high quality requests.

    * Keep your question or comment relevant to the listing.

    * You cannot promote your business on Listing's Wall. Use Topics categories like "Let’s talk biz", Business Ops, etc. in the Forum.

    * Do not negotiate on the Listing Wall. Once you have all your questions answered, and certain this is an item you want, then place the request. You can negotiate privately in the Request’s Private Conversation tool provided.

    *Reported abuse or violations of the Member Agreement will result in suspension and possibly the closing of your account.

    The project status is for projects you'd like to share with your neighbors. So keep it real. You could receive get useful tips, resources or even a helping hand which will save you money, time and lots of frustration.

    * You cannot promote your business in the Project Status Update. Use business related non-city categories like "Let’s talk biz" or "Business Ops" in the Forum. You can share the projects you are working on in your business.