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Swap Stuff

  • Offer any tools or other stuff you would like to swap for free or make a rental item also available for swap. Our intuitive interface makes it fast and easy. Post your item as "private" and only Exclusive Members of your community who have been verified via credit card can make you an offer. Post it as "Public" and all members of your community can make you an offer. Offer as many stuff or tools swaps as you want, any time, for FREE.
  • Post as many wanted items to let others know what your wants are. Posting wanted items is not required but will be useful to traders and increase the number of offers if others know what you want.
  • Choose items, tools and other stuff, offered for free swap that are of interest to you by browsing the swap stuff or search for a specific item. Make an offer for the item of interest.
  • Get Connected with people in your town for trade negotiation, pickup or friendly drop off. No more fraud. Hand-to-hand exchange and physically examine what you are getting.
  • Don't just stop there... Be a wall breaker by getting to know the people you connect with - share your common interest or discover something new and make a new friend.

The Details

If it just sits there, or you're tired of it or you have no desire to even use it or wear it but it still has value to you (because of all your hard earned money you spend on it), consider swapping it for the things that you want instead of buying more stuff. Swap tools and items freely and save yourself big expenses and enjoy the fun part of trading.

The Benefits

  • Save alot. Get what you want or need and spend little or nothing.
  • No more fraud. Meet face to face for the exchange and see exactly what you are getting before trading.
  • Keep more money to spend on the things that really matter like family vacation and living more generously.
  • It is a great way to connect and stay connected with members of your community.
  • Help the environment by reducing consumption of manufactured goods and reusing products.


We are committed to creating a trading environment that makes you feel safer and more comfortable. Review is another feature we are in the process of adding that will help meet that commitment.