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Give & Get Free Stuff on ToolzDo It's Faster, Better and Much More Fun - It's Social Freecycling and it's always free!

Already freecycling? Use our FastCycle utility to perfectly and automatically post to your existing freecycling group anywhere.

Give & Get FREE Stuff on ToolzDo is the better way to get rid of unwanted stuff. It's more efficient, easier to use, safer and very neighborly.

Give & Get FREE Stuff on ToolzDo is Freecycle 2.0

ToolzDo is the first and only ALL-IN-ONE Give and Get application that addresses all the key Freecycle 1.0 inefficiencies. Let it be Freecycle™, Freesource, FreeSharing, ReUseIt, RealCycle, or any other email groups, we will post your items on your behalf error free every time - guaranteed. See how here. That's not all. We've also added features to help greatly improve the freecycling experience for all to keep freecycling going strong. If you are not part of a group or have moved, we can help you find the nearest one to you after you complete the free registration

It's Facebook® for Freecycling

But more purposeful. Givers are beautiful people. Put a face to your fellow givers. Stay connected with the people who you gave stuff to and people you received stuff from with Real Connect. You are automatically connected when a request is completed. Request Real Connections from people in your town you've met face-to-face. It's a contact book for neighbors. Share, save money and the planet, discover, solve, build friendships, inspire, serve, and change your community together.

Faster & easier posting. Get rid of stuff faster.

Posting is fast and simple. Easily add one or more pictures and stop wasting time describing what your item looks like. A picture is worth a thousand words so no more tons of fishing emails. No need to re-post. Your item is displayed until you remove it or the duration you set has expired. All your FREE stuff are easily viewed from your profile. Share your items on other social nets like Twitter, Facebook®, etc. with just one click. Easily find local non-profits who have need for your stuff and offer to them directly. All this helps you post and get rid of your items faster.

Painless post to freecycling group

If you already give & get free stuff using email groups, don't lose the benefits of large groups - we will also post giveaway and wanted items to your groups. Simply provide your freecycling group's information once and we do the rest every time you post an item. No more double and triple checking you adhered to all the format rules. A link to your item's photo and profile is provided in your post.

Accept or change the status of your request to TAKEN with one click and we automatically update your groups. Done! We do it all for you! Thousands of people in your town are already giving away FREE items using email groups. We'll help you find one. Use ToolzDo's Give & Get utility to post faster, get rid of your stuff faster, and safer.

Concerned about your safety?

It's a much safer environment and more fun than anonymous classified sites like Craigslist or email groups like Yahoo Groups. Know your neighbors before meeting them with our social networking style member profile and content. Exchange with people who provide more information and are actively contributing to the movement. Track your requests on ToolzDo. Set your items as private and only allow members who have been verified request your items. You get the right tools to help you make an informed decision about your safety.

Tired of wasting time scavenging through emails or on items already taken?

Find what you need faster and discover much more. Browse by distance, date, offers, wants, or category. Or enter what you are looking for in the search bar.

No more wasting time replying to inquiries on items already taken. Only available items are displayed on ToolzDo. No more wasting time answering the same questions about an item via email. ToolzDo's Question Wall (coming next) lets you write questions on the "wall" of the item for sharing with all inquiring minds. Visit the owner's profile and start a journey of discovery. What you find may be far more valuable and lasting than the stuff!

Tired of No-Shows?

No-shows are becoming a thing of the past with ToolzDo's No-Show Reputation. Report them with a click and they get posted in the member profile for all in your community to see. The best medicine is prevention. Avoiding a bad rep on no-shows is a good goal.

  • Add your unwanted items or wants and invite your friends and neighbors.
  • Neighbors search, find, request offers or give wanted items.
  • Owner selects who to give the stuff away to and arranges for a pickup and get the free items.

We hope that you enjoy all of the features that ToolzDo has to offer to the giving and receiving community. Enjoy giving and getting FREE stuff!

The Benefits (are you a moderator of an existing email group or thinking of starting a group?)

  • Keep usable stuff out of landfills by reducing waste and reusing products.
  • Declutter. Get precious space back in your home or office.
  • Save lives. Support your local charities and causes.
  • Save oodles of money - stop paying for extra storage, get free stuff.
  • Keep more money to spend on the things that really matter like family vacation and living more generously.
  • Help someone else in need.
  • Find great stuff for your first college dorm room or new apartment. The stuff is not new but it is new to your home.
  • Meet people with similar interests in your neighborhood.

The Rules

  • It is better to give than to receive. That's what makes it work.
  • Everything posted as a FREE Item must be 100% FREE. Meaning no money exchanged!
  • Do not post any items for sale. Only giveaways and wants for free are displayed in Give & Get.
  • Be reasonable with your wanted posts. This is not the venue to get new stuff or high priced items for free. Consider renting or swapping on ToolzDo in these cases before you buy.
  • If you are already a member of Freecycle or any other give get group that uses email lists and will use ToolzDo to post for you, you must adhere to your group's posting guidelines and the ToolzDo Terms of Use.
  • Do not put phone numbers, addresses, or any contact information in your posts.
  • Show up when you say you will. You should avoid a No-Show Reputation!
  • Do not promote any service, product, etc.
  • Keep it very clean and G rated. ToolzDo fosters a family-friendly environment.
  • Do consider and give priority to your local non-profits who serve a greater purpose than our own personal needs and those who are in greater financial need in your community. If you are having a tough time, those who have less than you are having a much harder time.