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Item No: 201MoveUp Mentoring for more productive career transition

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Coconut Creek, FL USA

Member since: April 26, 2010

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I'll Take It

By E-mail

I think the time has come for people in career transition to start to

help each other a BIG WAY.  Why?  Several reasons:


1) Employers are scanning resumes' for keywords and tossing those

out that come up short with no communication back to the party that

sent them.


2) Online the same thing is taking place with help from applicant

tracking software.


3) OneStop Career Centers are crippling the computer systems they

freely offer to the public making the job search online even more



Nevertheless, there are some wonderful tools available online for

those in career transition - including Linkedin, ReferralKey, BranchOut,

Top Prospect, Squidoo and JibberJobber.  But, you don't use these

tools in a vacuum all by yourself.  You need to use them in clever

collaboration with other people to reap their full benefits. 


So, I decided to start a group called MoveUp Mentoring to do just that

for those who are interested in obtaining more than just employment.

You want a better future - one that is secured by an

infrastructure/safety net of your own design.


With my help and the pay-it-forward momentum of small group

collaboration, you will be able to put more productivity into your

everyday life - regardless of your employment status.


Today, you need MORE than a good paper resume'.  You need an

online resume', prove it file and a portfolio.  You need more public

visibility with regard to the demonstration of your TRUE VALUE to the



Have you ever made a video introduction with narrated endorsements

from people around the world?  Have you ever even created a video

without the benefit of a video camera?  It's both important and easy

to do.  But, it cannot be done successfully alone.  If you want to have

your flag waved successfully, you are going to have to enlist other

people to wave it for you.  How is that done?


Give me the opportunity to show you.  Connect with me.  Feel free to

check out "my stuff" at   If you do

not have a Linkedin account, go to