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Item No: 92Wanted: Old Software for a used HP Pavillion 753n computer

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Orrville, OH USA

Member since: December 27, 2009

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Item Type: wanted
City: Orrville, OH
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I need the disk used to format and re-install software for the HP Pavilion 753n desktop computer.  It was given to us after the owner had someone work on it that didn't know what they were doing and couldn't get it running right again.  The re-installation disk is missing.  It was running Windows XP but HP computer don't accept anything but the software made specifically for that model HP computer.  Need to get it up and running for my teenager. 

Willing to trade pc repairs for a few hours of housekeeping or just borrow the software to get the computer running enough so it will be able to access internet.    I can update drivers and everything online but it's not letting me install anything so I can access internet.