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Neighborhood Connection

It's easy as 1-2-3

  1. Let your community know about ToolzDO.
  2. Members register in less than 1 minute.
  3. ToolzDO's practical, localized community building features empower neighbors to connect, talk, share, collaborate, solve and better each other's lives and their community.


12 Reasons To Connect Your Community With ToolzDO is a first and only social platform for connecting neighbors and building community. Benefits of using ToolzDo for your group or neighborhood connection:

  1. FREE to use.
  2. Fully hosted web service packed with community building tools that enable neighbors to stay connected, deepen relationships, live better, go green and have fun with the people they live among.
  3. See neighbors nearest to you or venture in your own backyard.
  4. Expand faster. No new network or forum to setup or worry about. It's automatically done for you with our advanced location-based technology showing you neighbors nearest you.
  5. More than a forum, Ning network, or Facebook group.  It’s every aspect of your neighborhood in one place. ToolzDO is the only neighborhood platform that offers a replica of your real community. It unifies various elements of a community and activities neighbors do to create a multi-use destination while empowering neighbors to connect, interact with each other, and be more engaged in their community.
  6. Built-in value features to keep neighbors coming back and staying engaged:
    • Search and find quickly. Imaging a place where with the click of a mouse, you can find any item, service, discussion, news, or neighbor associated with a keyword, phrase or topic? Imagine no more.
    • Share projects being worked on or planning to work on. Collaborate for stronger community.
    • Green Marketplace is fully integrated into the community to quickly find stuff and services that help meet the need of the local community and protect the environment.
    • Combined personal and business profile to help discover and put a face to local businesses.
    • Small local business owners can promote and get more exposure by being an active member of their community rather than with annoying ads. This adds value to the community, levels the economic playing field for businesses, and builds trust for the local business.
    • More free tools to come to benefit members of your community.
  1. Simple interface that eliminates scattered and duplicate content.
  2. Design with transparency to leverage from neighborhood communities or communities around the world. Let's stop repeating history and reinventing.
  3. 24/7 support.
  4. Your coverage area can be branded with own community name.
  5. You are not confined to a general purpose tool and with very little say on the feature set. You help shape ToolzDO.
  6. Earn money by becoming a city wide community leader.


For more information or if you'd like to become community leader for your city, please call Carline Lubin 954-247-1896.