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Rent Stuff

Hey, did you know that people want to pay you to use and rent your tools and equipment? With ToolzDo, tools and equipment is not just the stuff in your garage anymore, they become rentals. They are anything you own that is useful to somebody else. This translates to "you can rent out anything you own!" Here is how it works.

  • Isa, the stuff owner, offers her usable party chairs and tables. Our user friendly interface makes posting fast and easy.

    • Post your item as "private" and only Exclusive Members of the community who have been authenticated via credit card can request it. Post it as "Public" and all members of your community can place a request for your stuff.
    • Set you contact preference to receive requests for your items via email or phone call. We are not the new sheriff in town laying down the law on how to connect. You decide how open you want to run your show.
  • Sally, the stuff searcher, finds Isa's chairs and tables for her family reunion fast and Isa is only 1 mile from her house. She really enjoys reading Isa's profile and discussion posts and discovers they share similar interests. She sends an rent stuff email request or calls Isa (depending on Isa's contact preference and Sally's choice) to request the stuff offered by Isa.

    • Either way the request is posted in Sally's Request Made bucket where she can see details and status of every request made.
    • ToolzDo does not share your email address and leave it up to the members to share contact information.
    • The request is NOT a binding agreement to rent the item. It is only a request.
    • If request is made directly via phone, Sally and Isa finalize on the deposit, rental cost and payment over the phone. Go to step 4.
  • Isa receives a request notice via email and a new request post in her Request Received bucket. She checks out Sally's profile and accepts the request.

    • You have all the pertinent information you need for approving or denying a request.
    • You can even carry a dialog via phone, if contact info is provided by the requestor, or via the private Conversation Log to finalize on the deposit, rental cost, etc. before meeting.
    • The request is NOT a binding agreement to rent the item. It is only a request.
  • Isa & Sally connect to:

    • Pickup or for friendly drop off.
    • Sign off on terms and conditions using our courtesy and comprehensive contract conveniently found in the Help section (or their own) and binds the agreement. Pre-payment and deposit are collected or what ever else was agreed upon to guarantee the return and cover any damage of the item.
    • They discover they have more things in common and discover some new things from their conversation face to face.
  • Isa & Sally re-connect for the return of the item(s) and final payment. Share some more stories and a cup of tea.

  • Don't just stop there... Be a wall breaker by getting to know the people you connect with - share your common interest or discover something new and make a new friend.

The Details

Smart people don't buy depreciating assets. They rent them. Rent short-term needs and pay only for what you use.

We all could use a little more cash... maybe a lot in many cases now a days. Turn anything you own into recurring cash by renting stuff like tools or equipment to others in your town. Get the most out of what you currently own while you help others save. If you have lots of stuff, you could even start and run a rental outlet from your home. As a matter of fact, we've made it so simple and easy to upload all your personal and business property as inventory that all you have to do is activate the ones you want to offer for rent and deactivate them anytime. ToolzDo is a tool that helps you turn your depreciating assets into cash flow!

Benefits of Renting

  • Make money the easy way.
  • Save BIG when you rent stuff that you occasionally need without sacrificing lifestyle.
  • Save on storage since you'll be buying less.
  • Keep more money to spend on the things that really matter like family vacation and living more generously.
  • It is a great way to connect and stay connected with members of your community who share similar interests.
  • Help the environment by using only what you need and reusing products.


We are committed to creating a trading environment that makes you feel safer and more comfortable. Review is another feature we are in the process of adding that will help meet that commitment.

What to Post

We define a tool as anything that can be of use especially in aiding or assisting. Check out our Categories list to give you an idea of what you could start posting.

  • Rental Professionals you know what to do. So do it.
  • Contractors Now you have the power... Rent out you idle tools & equipment and keep them generating cash.
  • Business owners Open new revenue stream. Rent out your idle equipment, offices, and conference rooms.
  • From your home Now you as a consumer can turn your personal property into cash flow.