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Create a new revenue stream. Bring traffic to your business.

Got conference rooms or projectors or other portable office equipment that are not being used 24/7?
Does your business specializes in adventure vacations (touring, water sports, camping, etc.) or children furniture and travel accessories (cribs, strollers, car seats, etc.) or health/medical equipments (water coolers, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.)?
Have you considered that renting some of your merchandise may bring traffic and even generate a higher profit margin then selling?

ToolzDo makes it easy to not only create a new revenue stream but expose your core business to new targets. Even if you are not in the rental business, renting out your idled items will bring traffic to your store or office and may generate income for your core business.

Rental items are returned with every kind of item search performed by your community. Users also get to search by projects giving even more ways for your items to be found. You don't only get greater exposure of your items but of your business and also bring traffic. Our fun and interactive member profile enables you to tell your community about your services, special offers, and community involvement. We believe openness is good for business. The more items you post, the more your business is exposed. Participate in discussions by sharing your expertise is another way to expose your business (no selling allowed) and to bring traffic. What all this means to you is more revenue!

Grow your business without spending a fortune and without stress.

No listing fees, no transaction fees, no per contact ("leads") fees.
No percentage fees that cuts into your already shrinking profit margin.
No complex pricing plans or restrictions to get more money from you.
No long term contracts.
No termination fees.

Our fixed, ridiculously low cost monthly plans lets you know exactly what to expect. After signing up for your free registration, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of FREE-trial plans. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.

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