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Why ToolzDo is the place to be

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One site. One community. Do more. Be better.

ToolzDo is a global community comprised of local neighborhoods with members who love to show neighborly love, keep more cash, live wiser and better.

To help the community keep more cash, ToolzDo provides a One-Stop Shop for all reuse of stuff in the home and office. The only place on the web you can rent, share, swap, give & get free stuff; from electronics to power tools and designer bags. Did we mention furniture, clothes, toys, strollers, books, food, home improvement materials, space, and much more. With ToolzDo, it's all in one place.

  • Make more money.
  • Save lots more money.
  • Find what you want faster, when, where and how you want it.
  • Give more. Get rid of the stuff you don't use faster.
  • Get the most out of your stuff when you see the big picture.
  • Reduce, reuse and conserve more natural resources with our multiple methods of accessing what you need.
  • Build more cooperative and collective local communities.
  • United in one place, we can have a much greater impact in our communities and on the environment.

Offer your stuff with more exposure

Make more money, get rid of stuff faster, share more, make quicker swaps.

Are you tired of having your listings buried in a sea of blue links or clicking through pages after pages to find your listings? More exposure means more opportunities for your items to be seen by your community. ToolzDo provides multiple ways of getting to your items -- multiple search methods, browse, and share your posts on other social networks such as Twitter™, Facebook™, and Freecycle™. Additionally, searchers see all your offers from your user profile which is not only accessible from item searches but from the fun and engaging community features! The more items you display and the more you participate in our community features, the more exposure your items get. More interactive features coming soon that will provide even more opportunities to share your items with your community. ToolzDo is a better place for businesses as well.

Find what you want faster.

Save oodles more money.

ToolzDo is the only place where you have access to all reuse methods for "stuff" in the home and office. Search 24/7 for a specific item, browse by category or item type. Not sure what you need for that special project? Just enter a project keyword and you see items from your community you might need. Our combined search result displays all the offers matching the search criteria (rentals, swaps and giveaways).

Our localization system brings you the items closest to you or search as far as you want to travel (if you can, staying closer to home is eco-friendlier). Now you have the power to find what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

It's FREE and open.

  • No listing fees, no percentage fees, no per contact ("leads") fees.
  • No complex policies or restrictions to get more money from you.
  • No meddling in how and how much you get paid.

Searching, renting, swapping, give & get free stuff, wanted items, and inventory features are all free. Shall we move on?

We've got community.

As a matter of fact we've got a growing community of neighbors who are doers. Toolzdo is a fun and easy way to find what you need in your town while building community and helping the environment. Find other people with similar interests. Our interactive user profiles are always up to date with the latest activities giving a reason to always come back and see what's new. Learn what people not too far from you are doing from their project status and are talking about through their discussions. See what causes you have in common and discover new causes. We are adding community features that will let you share even more.

Stay connected with the individuals you gave stuff to, shared or swapped stuff with and people you received stuff from with Real Connects. You are automatically connected when a request is completed. Discover your neighbor, request Real Connections from people in your town youve met face-to-face.

It's a contact book for neighbors. Share, save money and the planet, discover, solve, build friendships, inspire, lend a hand or maybe two, and change your community together. It's a great way to stay connected with your neighbors, charities and the community.

We also have relevant articles to help fatten your wallet, protect the environment, build community, and feed your mind and soul. We just don't talk about building community. We DO something about it. There are commercial applications but we are more interested in what we believe to be far more valuable and not disposable, people and their potential for doing good. The ToolzDo community is a community on purpose: to help each other get the most out of our stuff and out of life and live better.

This is the safest site to rent, swap and give & get free stuff.

No more fraud! Safer environment for individuals compared to classified and listing only sites. Make you items accessible by all or only by members who have been verified. Interactive member profile lets you learn more about the member even before you choose their items or meet them. We believe openness is the best way to build trust. So the member profile is the heart of the site where members engage with each other and share. This makes sense since ToolzDo is a not about the stuff but about the people using the stuff.

No sending payments to an unknown place or person. No shipping. You see exactly what you are getting because all transactions are local and face-to-face!

So easy to use. More efficient. More fun.

We had people, meaning you, in mind when building this site. So our site is really simple, easy to use, intuitive and fun. Our user friendly, overly simple processes make it a snap to post, find and request an item. See what you are looking for and not just a description. We use the latest in web technology and community features to create a user experience you will not find anywhere else online or offline.

All your stuff in one place.

Listing sites just don't compare to ToolzDo. ToolzDo is a tool and a platform that helps you better manage all your possessions (stuff). If you are not managing them, then the stuff is managing you. Are you caught up in the stressful work-buy-throwaway cycle? That's the stuff managing you, making your life harder and destroying the environment.

Manage all you items from one account, one website. You do not have you possessions scattered all over town? Why have them scattered all over the web. See the big picture in one place, track all your pending offers and requests with our rich and easy to use item management tool.

The best way to control your spending (consumption) is to be conscious of what you already have and use only what you need. That's one of the things ToolzDo helps you do. You will see all that you already have in a brand new way, quickly decide to do wiser things with them and spend wiser.

Who is ToolzDo for?

For people from all walks of life. For business entities. This means you.