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Keep an Inventory

Create and keep an electronic stuff inventory of all your things, personal possessions and business assets for insurance purposes - for FREE.

Who needs to keep an inventory? If you have insurance, you need an inventory of your home content or business content. Your insurance company can only pay you for the items you can document after a loss has occurred.Organize yourself and your stuff at home with our online free stuff inventory as follows:

  • Identify the contents of each room, cabinet and closet in your home or office and take photos of your valuables.
  • Add Content as item type General or edit existing items. General items are not offered to your community. You can easily offer them in the future by just changing the item type to what you want to offer it as (rental, swap, giveaway). It's that simple on ToolzDo.
  • Fill inventory fields In addition to our standard item fields like item title, categories, location, photos, and description, etc, fill in the inventory related fields for your item.
  • Total Stuff Inventory Your total stuff inventory consists of all your items not archived (active and inactive rentals, swaps, giveaways and general items). Make sure you archive items you no longer have before assessing your total inventory.

Exporting, cost summary and agent access features will be added upon member request. Please submit a feature suggestion in our suggestion board.

The Benefits

The stuff inventory:

  • Safer and no cost storage.
  • Quick and 24/7 access to your inventory from anywhere you or your insurance agent may be.
  • Easy and quick update of your inventory.
  • Less printing is good for the environment.
  • A household stuff inventory can help you determine how much insurance you need to cover your possessions.